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August 2016 – June 2017

  • MenteeEducation backgroundOffer received
    1.Mentee FTop 30 US National UniversityCitiQuant
    2.Mentee KTop 30 US National UniversityCredit SuisseIBD
    3.Mentee KTop 60 US National UniversityCitiQuant
    4.Mentee RTop 5 Australian UniversityJPMorganIBD
    5.Mentee STop 10 US Liberal Arts CollegeJPMorganIBD
    6.Mentee STop 20 US National UniversityCitiIBD
    7.Mentee WTop 30 US National UniversityLazardIBD
    8.Mentee WTop 40 US National UniversityBank of America Merrill LynchSales and Trading
    9.Mentee WTop 50 US National UniversityMorgan StanleyIBD
    10.Mentee YTop 40 US National UniversityBarclaysIBD
    11.Mentee ZTop 20 US Liberal Arts CollegeBarclaysIBD
    12.Mentee ATop 30 US National UniversityJPMorganIBD
    13.Mentee JTop 30 US National UniversityCowen GroupIBD
    14.Mentee KTop 20 US National UniversityBarclaysIBD
    15.Mentee ATop 10 US National UniversityJPMorganSales and Trading
    16.Mentee FTop 40 US National UniversityBank of America Merrill LynchIBD
    17.Mentee RTop 20 US Liberal Arts CollegeDeutsche BankIBD
    18.Mentee FTop 20 US National University QatalystIBD
    19.Mentee BTop 50 US National UniversityTD AmeritradeMarketing Investor Analytics
    20.Mentee DTop 20 US National UniversityBank of America Merrill LynchIBD
    21.Mentee KTop 50 US National UniversityMorgan StanleyIBD
    22.Mentee FTop 3 HK UniversityGF SecuritiesCorporate Finance
    23.Mentee LTop 20 US UniversityCitiSales and Trading
    24.Mentee HTop 30 US Liberal Arts CollegeCredit SuisseEquity Research
    25.Mentee STop 40 US National UniversityBNP ParibasCorporate Banking
    26.Mentee WTop 5 Mainland China UniversityCitiSales and Trading
    27.Mentee GTop 50 US National UniversityBarclaysIBD
    28.Mentee JTop 10 US National UniversityJPMorganIBD
    29.Mentee KTop 5 UK UniversityJPMorganIBD
    30.Mentee LTop 20 US Liberal Arts CollegeGoldman SachsSales and Trading
    31.Mentee KTop 50 US National UniversityMorgan StanleyStrats
    32.Mentee STop 30 US National UniversityMorgan StanleySales and Trading
    33.Mentee GTop 5 UK UniversityJPMorganGlobal Markets
    34.Mentee LTop 5 UK UniversityCPPIBPrivate Real Estate Debt
    35.Mentee ZTop 20 US National UniversityJPMorganIBD
    36.Mentee RTop 60 US Liberal Arts CollegeDominick DickermanIBD
    37.Mentee NTop 20 US National UniversityJPMorganIBD
    38.Mentee HTop 80 US Liberal Arts CollegeAldwych Capital PartnersIBD
    39.Mentee YTop 20 US National UniversityGoldman SachsGlobal Investment Research
    40.Mentee HTop 30 US Liberal Arts CollegeRothschildIBD
    41.Mentee ZTop 10 US National UniversityMorgan StanleyGCM
    42.Mentee KTop 20 US National UniversityDodge & CoxFixed Income
    43.Mentee TTop 30 US National UniversityBryant Park CapitalIBD
    44.Mentee DTop 20 US Liberal Arts CollegeJPMorganSales and Trading
    45.Mentee PTop 30 US Liberal Arts CollegeGoldman SachsIBD
    46.Mentee YTop 10 US National UniversityJPMorganIBD
    47.Mentee JTop 20 US National UniversityOliver WymanManagement Consulting
    48.Mentee STop 30 US National UniversityUBSSales and Trading
    49.Mentee TTop 30 US Liberal Arts CollegeBarclaysIBD
    50.Mentee PTop 30 US National UniversityMorgan Stanley Huaxin SecuritiesSecurities
    51.Mentee GTop 30 US Liberal Arts CollegeGoldman SachsIBD
    52.Mentee LTop 30 US National UniversityHoulihan LokeyRestructuring
    53.Mentee YTop 20 US UniversityKPMGAudit
    54.Mentee OTop 20 US National UniversityBank of America Merrill LynchIBD
    55.Mentee STop 20 US National UniversityHoulihan LokeyFinancial Advisory
    56.Mentee TTop 30 US National UniversityGoldman SachsIBD
    57.Mentee FTop 40 US National UniversityBank of America Merrill LynchSales and Trading
    58.Mentee TTop 10 US National UniversityWells FargoIBD
    59.Mentee YTop 30 US National UniversityJPMorganSales and Trading
    60.Mentee HTop 30 US National UniversityBank of America Merrill LynchIBD
    61.Mentee KTop 40 US National UniversityLazardIBD
    62.Mentee JTop 20 US National UniversityCitiSales and Trading
    63.Mentee TTop 30 US National UniversityJPMorganRisk
    64.Mentee WTop 10 US National UniversityLazardIBD
    65.Mentee DTop 3 Singapore UniversityBNP ParibasIBD
    66.Mentee WTop 20 US Liberal Arts CollegeBank of America Merrill LynchSales and Trading
    67.Mentee FTop 50 US National UniversityRBC Capital MarketsGlobal Markets
    68.Mentee MTop 3 Singapore UniversityOCBCIBD
    69.Mentee BTop 20 US National University IMC Financial MarketsCorporate Finance
    70.Mentee WTop 30 US Liberal Arts CollegeHSBCGlobal Markets
    71.Mentee KTop 40 US Liberal Arts CollegeIMS ConsultingHealthcare Consulting
    72.Mentee LTop 30 US National UniversityRaymond JamesIBD
    73.Mentee YTop 40 US National UniversityCitiQuant
    74.Mentee HTop 3 HK UniversityJPMorganIBD
    75.Mentee TTop 3 HK UniversityJPMorganIBD
    76.Mentee LTop 20 US National UniversityEYAdvisory
    77.Mentee PTop 10 US National UniversityBridgewaterHedge Fund
    78.Mentee KTop 20 US National UniversityGoldman SachsIBD
    79.Mentee STop 30 US National UniversityCitiGlobal Markets
    80.Mentee STop 20 US Liberal Arts CollegeWells FargoIBD
    81.Mentee CTop 30 US National UniversityCredit SuisseSales and Trading
    82.Mentee JTop 40 US National UniversityHSBCGlobal Markets
    83.Mentee ATop 5 UK UniversityUBSIBD
    84.Mentee KTop 30 US National UniversityKPMGAudit
    85.Mentee LTop 30 US National UniversityHSBCGlobal Banking & Markets
    86.Mentee STop 5 UK UniversityHSBCIBD
    87.Mentee CTop 10 US National UniversityVolant Quantitative TradingQuant Trading
    88.Mentee WTop 10 US National UniversityBridgewaterHedge Fund
    89.Mentee WTop 30 US Liberal Arts CollegeBank of America Merrill LynchQuant Analytics
    90.Mentee YTop 10 UK UniversityKPMGDeal Advisory
    91.Mentee KTop 5 UK UniversityHSBCIBD
    92.Mentee BTop 30 US National UniversityCitiSales and Trading
    93.Mentee ZTop 3 UK UniversityCitiIBD
    94.Mentee RTop 30 US National UniversityJPMorganSales and Trading
    95.Mentee TTop 3 UK UniversityPerella Weinberg PartnersIBD
    96.Mentee MTop 20 US National UniversityPwCRisk Assurance
    97.Mentee DTop 5 UK UniversityCitiIBD
    98.Mentee YTop 10 US National UniversityJPMorganSales and Trading
    99.Mentee ZTop 30 US National UniversityPennyMacMortgage
    100.Mentee FTop 10 US National UniversityDeutsche BankSales and Trading
    101.Mentee MTop 20 US National UniversityCredit SuisseIBD
    102.Mentee BTop 30 US National UniversityCitiIBD
    103.Mentee LTop 3 HK UniversityPwCAssurance
    104.Mentee RTop 20 US National UniversityCredit SuisseIBD
    105.Mentee NTop 20 US National UniversityBank of America Merrill LynchSales and Trading
    106.Mentee YTop 50 US National UniversityCredit SuisseIBD
    107.Mentee CTop 5 UK UniversityDeutsche BankIBD
    108.Mentee HTop 5 HK UniversityMorgan StanleySales and Trading
    109.Mentee ZTop 5 HK UniversitySanford BernsteinEquity Research
    110.Mentee LTop 40 US National UniversityCredit SuisseIBD
    111.Mentee DTop 30 US National UniversityCitiIBD
    112.Mentee LTop 30 US National UniversityBank of America Merrill LynchIBD
    113.Mentee YTop 50 US National UniversityAGC PartnersIBD
    114.Mentee ZTop 5 UK UniversityCitiMarket and Securities
    115.Mentee LTop 20 US National UniversityBridgewaterHedge Fund
    116.Mentee LTop 40 US National UniversityCitiIBD
    117.Mentee STop 3 Singapore UniversityBarclaysIBD
    118.Mentee STop 5 HK UniversitySanford BernsteinEquity Research
    119.Mentee GTop 50 US National UniversityBank of America Merrill LynchIBD
    120.Mentee RTop 30 US National UniversityUVIMCOInvestment Management
    121.Mentee HTop 10 UK UniversityCitiIBD
    122.Mentee JTop 5 UK UniversityBarclaysIBD
    123.Mentee LTop 50 US National UniversityRiverbedSoftware Engineering
    124.Mentee STop 40 US National UniversityBank of America Merrill LynchIBD
    125.Mentee WTop 30 US National UniversityAberdeen Asset ManagementInvestment Management
    126.Mentee CTop 20 UK UniversityBarclaysIBD
    127.Mentee LTop 30 US Liberal Arts CollegeMorgan StanleySales & Trading
    128.Mentee CTop 10 UK UniversityCitiIBD
    129.Mentee ZTop 40 US National UniversityMorgan StanleyResearch
    130.Mentee RTop 50 US National UniversityConvivaSoftware Engineering
    131.Mentee STop 3 Singapore UniversityMunich ReReinsurance
    132.Mentee WTop 30 US National UniversityCitiIBD
    133.Mentee HTop 50 US National UniversityVmwareSoftware Engineering
    134.Mentee YTop 10 Mainland China UniversityL.E.K. ConsultingConsulting
    135.Mentee CTop 10 UK UniversityCitiIBD
    136.Mentee YTop 10 US National UniversityGoldman SachsIBD
    137.Mentee STop 70 US National UniversityIBMConsulting
    138.Mentee HTop 10 Canadian UniversityCitiIBD
    139.Mentee TTop 50 US National UniversityFacebookSoftware Engineering
    140.Mentee LTop 60 US National UniversityUBSIBD
    141.Mentee STop 20 US Liberal Arts CollegeBank of America Merrill LynchGlobal Capital Markets
    142.Mentee LTop 10 UK UniversityBank of America Merrill LynchIBD
    143.Mentee JTop 10 UK UniversityCitiSales & Trading
    144.Mentee STop 50 US National UniversityFacebookSoftware Engineering
    145.Mentee LTop 30 US National UniversityHSBCGlobal Banking
    146.Mentee STop 30 US National UniversityIBMConsulting
    147.Mentee DTop 5 Mainland China UniversityBarclaysIBD
    148.Mentee CTop 10 UK UniversityMorgan StanleyIBD
    149.Mentee ZTop 50 US National UniversityJPMorganIBD
    150.Mentee ZTop 3 Singapore UniversityJPMorganTreasury Solution
    151.Mentee CTop 10 Canadian UniversityGoldman SachsIBD
    152.Mentee ZTop 5 Canadian UniversityBarclaysGlobal Markets
    153.Mentee RTop 50 US National UniversityLinkedinSoftware Engineering
    154.Mentee JTop 10 UK UniversityBarclaysSpring Week – UK
    155.Mentee YTop 5 UK UniversityCitiIBD
    156.Mentee STop 40 US National UniversityL.E.K. ConsultingConsulting
    157.Mentee STop 30 US National UniversityBloombergFinancial Products Department
    158.Mentee YTop 60 US National UniversityAlpine CapitalCapital Management
    159.Mentee LTop 40 US Liberal Arts CollegeJPMorganIBD
    160.Mentee ATop 50 US National UniversityNYC BasketballSports Management
    161.Mentee XTop 80 US National UniversityJPMorganRisk
    162.Mentee CTop 5 Mainland China UniversityNomuraIBD
    163.Mentee LTop 3 HK UniversityNomuraIBD
    164.Mentee ZTop 3 Singapore UniversityBarclaysSales and Trading
    165.Mentee WTop 10 US National UniversityCitiIBD
    166.Mentee HTop 5 UK UniversityLazardInsight Program
    167.Mentee WTop 3 Singapore UniversityBarclaysIBD
    168.Mentee LTop 30 US National UniversityHSBCInvestment Management
    169.Mentee STop 70 US National UniversityUberSoftware Engineering
    170.Mentee CTop 100 US National UniversityGoogleSoftware Engineering
    171.Mentee ZTop 20 US National UniversityGoogleSoftware Engineering
    172.Mentee YTop 20 US National UniversityMorgan StanleyRisk
    173.Mentee ZTop 60 US National UniversityFacebookSoftware Engineering
    174.Mentee HTop 50 US National UniversityDeloitteTax
    175.Mentee WTop 60 US National UniversityBank of ChinaTrading
    176.Mentee QTop 30 US National UniversityGoldman SachsSales and Trading
    177.Mentee ZTop 20 US National UniversityCitiIBD
    178.Mentee LTop 10 US National UniversityEYAdvisory
    179.Mentee LTop 20 US National UniversityReinsurance Group of AmericaRisk
    180.Mentee MTop 5 University in FranceJPMorganFinance
    181.Mentee XTop 10 Canadian UniversityOTPPQuant
    182.Mentee TTop 40 US National UniversityJPMorganEquity Research
    183.Mentee NTop 50 US National UniversityCitiSales and Trading
    184.Mentee ZTop 10 UK UniversityUBSIBD
    185.Mentee ZTop 30 US National UniversityBainConsulting
    186.Mentee ZTop 3 Singapore UniversityHSBCSecurities
    187.Mentee ZTop 10 US National UniversityHSBCGlobal Graduate Program
    188.Mentee QTop 50 US National UniversityUBSIBD
    189.Mentee YTop 5 University in FranceGoldman SachsSecurities
    190.Mentee LTop 20 US National UniversityCharles River AssociatesEcon Consulting
    191.Mentee LTop 40 US National UniversityGoldman SachsSecurities
    192.Mentee GTop 5 Mainland China UniversityMorgan StanleyGCM
    193.Mentee WTop 3 HK UniversityJPMorganCRG
    194.Mentee ZTop 5 UK UniversityHSBCSales and Trading
    195.Mentee YTop 50 US National UniversityAIGActuary
    196.Mentee WTop 40 US National UniversityL.E.K. ConsultingConsulting
    197.Mentee ZTop 40 US National UniversityCICCIBD
    198.Mentee LTop 10 UK UniversityHSBCSecurities
    199.Mentee CTop 40 US National UniversityGoldman SachsSales and Trading
    200.Mentee ZTop 5 UK UniversityCITICIBD
    201.Mentee TTop 40 US National UniversityHSBCSecurities
    202.Mentee STop 20 US National UniversityCornerstoneEcon Consulting
    203.Mentee WTop 3 HK UniversityStandard & PoorAnalytics
    204.Mentee LTop 30 US National UniversityCornerstoneEcon Consulting
    205.Mentee LTop 5 Mainland China UniversityCredit SuisseIBD
    206.Mentee HTop 20 US National UniversityNomuraGlobal Markets
    207.Mentee WTop 30 US Liberal Arts CollegeBlackRockPortfolio Analytics
    208.Mentee FTop 5 UK UniversityBNP ParibasSpring Insight
    209.Mentee WTop 5 UK UniversityICBCIBD
    210.Mentee WTop 30 US National UniversityAnalysis GroupEcon Consulting
    211.Mentee JTop 120 US National UniversityGlenmedeQuant Research
    212.Mentee XTop 50 US National UniversityNorthern TrustInvestment Management
    213.Mentee LTop 30 US National UniversityChina RenaissanceIBD
    214.Mentee MTop 30 US National UniversityGaw CapitalPE
    215.Mentee WTop 20 US National UniversityCapgeminiConsulting
    216.Mentee LTop 10 UK UniversityStandard CharteredCommercial Banking
    217.Mentee XTop 40 US National UniversityCitiIBD
    218.Mentee JTop 3 HK UniversityHoulihan LokeyIBD
    219.Mentee PTop 30 US National UniversityCitiGlobal Markets
    220.Mentee ZTop 5 Mainland China UniversityMorgan StanleyIBD
    221.Mentee ZTop 40 University in EuropeRoland BergerConsulting
    222.Mentee GTop 40 US National UniversityOppenheimerIBD
    223.Mentee DTop 30 US Liberal Arts CollegeGoldman SachsPride Summit – Diversity Program
    224.Mentee LTop 40 US National UniversityCITICSenior Manager
    225.Mentee MTop 70 US National UniversityCapcoTech Consulting
    226.Mentee STop 5 HK UniversityCitiIBD
    227.Mentee CTop 30 US National UniversityAgamya CapitalPrivate Equity
    228.Mentee ZTop 3 Singapore UniversityEYAssurance
    229.Mentee ZTop 3 Singapore UniversityPwCAssurance
    230.Mentee LTop 90 US National UniversityInvestargetIBD
    231.Mentee FTop 3 HK UniversityChina RenaissanceIBD
    232.Mentee XTop 3 Singapore UniversityPwCRisk
    233.Mentee TTop 5 UK UniversityHSBCSpring Insight – London
    234.Mentee LTop 150 US National UniversitySears HoldingsFinance
    235.Mentee LTop 10 UK UniversityGoldman SachsInvestment
    236.Mentee WTop 10 UK UniversityCitiIBD
    237.Mentee ZTop 30 US National UniversityCitiWomen Program
    238.Mentee LTop 20 US National UniversityCitiWomen Program
    239.Mentee YTop 20 US National UniversityGoldman SachsInsight Day – IBD
    240.Mentee FTop 5 University in FranceGoldman SachsGlobal Investment Research
    241.Mentee HTop 40 US National UniversitySociete GeneraleGlobal Markets
    242.Mentee WTop 40 US National UniversityPwCElevate Program
    243.Mentee LTop 20 US National UniversityCL KingIBD
    244.Mentee ZTop 3 Singapore UniversityHSBCInsurance
    245.Mentee ZTop 20 US National UniversityEvercoreWomen’s Sophomore Program
    246.Mentee CTop 30 US National UniversityBainConsulting
    247.Mentee STop 50 US Liberal Arts CollegeEther CapitalFinancial Advisory
    248.Mentee QTop 40 US National UniversityLazardIBD
    249.Mentee STop 20 US National UniversityEBIT AssociatesIBD
    250.Mentee RTop 50 US National UniversityJPMorganOperations
    251.Mentee HTop 10 Mainland China UniversityOliver WymanConsulting
    252.Mentee CTop 40 US National UniversityFidelityBusiness
    253.Mentee LTop 20 US National UniversityAFR ResearchResearch
    254.Mentee DTop 20 Mainland China UniversityGuosen SecuritiesIBD
    255.Mentee JTop 50 US National UniversityFacebookSoftware Engineering
    256.Mentee ZTop 30 US National UniversityGoldman SachsCorporate Treasury
    257.Mentee WTop 70 US National UniversityUniCredit BankCorporate Structured Finance
    258.Mentee LTop 3 Singapore UniversityXilinxBusiness System
    259.Mentee LTop 10 US National UniversityDeloitteConsulting
    260.Mentee STop 50 US National UniversitySAPSoftware Solutions
    261.Mentee XTop 60 US National UniversityGuggenheim SecuritiesInvestment Banking – Freshman Day
    262.Mentee XTop 50 US National UniversityMorgan StanleyInsight Day
    263.Mentee WTop 30 US National UniversityGoldman SachsWomen’s Insight Day
    264.Mentee HTop 3 HK UniversityHony CapitalPE
    265.Mentee HTop 5 UK UniversityPwCTax
    266.Mentee GTop 90 US National UniversityMorgan StanleyWealth Management
    267.Mentee YTop 40 US National UniversityCitiPrivate Banking
    268.Mentee LTop 10 US National UniversityDeutsche BankRise to Success
    269.Mentee LTop 40 US Liberal Arts CollegeHSBCRising Junior Summer Program
    270.Mentee LTop 30 US National UniversityEYWomen in Technology
    271.Mentee STop 20 US National UniversityMorgan StanleyWealth Management
    272.Mentee DTop 60 US National UniversityMidtown PartnersIBD
    273.Mentee ZTop 3 Singapore UniversityCitiBanking 101 Program
    274.Mentee FTop 30 US National UniversityAIGActuary
    275.Mentee DTop 30 US National UniversityJefferiesInspring Women for Finance
    276.Mentee HTop 40 US National UniversityPwCLeadership Program
    277.Mentee HTop 40 US National UniversityVenegas CapitalIBD
    278.Mentee CTop 3 Singapore UniversityCitiGlobal Corporate Banking
    279.Mentee STop 5 Mainland China UniversityHina GroupIBD
    280.Mentee DTop 40 US National UniversityPIMCOInvestment Management
    281.Mentee ZTop 5 Mainland China UniversityTemasek HoldingInvestment Consulting
    282.Mentee MTop 3 HK UniversityDeloitteConsulting
    283.Mentee FTop 5 UK UniversityGoldman SachsSpecial Situations Fund
    284.Mentee LTop 20 US Liberal Arts CollegeJade Mountain PartnersIBD
    285.Mentee WTop 30 US National UniversityCCBIInvestment
    286.Mentee HTop 20 US National UniversityCitiCorporate Banking Early Insight
    287.Mentee CTop 30 US National UniversityCitiCorporate Banking Early Insight
    288.Mentee GTop 40 US National UniversityCitiCorporate Banking Early Insight
    289.Mentee HTop 40 US National UniversityMorgan StanleyStrats
    290.Mentee FTop 5 UK UniversityBNP ParibasSales and Trading
    291.Mentee LTop 40 US Liberal Arts CollegeHSBCGlobal Banking & Markets, Women in Finance
    292.Mentee LTop 30 US Liberal Arts CollegeCitiMarkets and Securities:Early Identification
    293.Mentee FTop 10 UK UniversitySinolink SecurieitsIBD
    294.Mentee FTop 10 UK UniversityMercerConsulting
    295.Mentee MTop 10 UK UniversityInvestecFinancial Products Division
    296.Mentee MTop 10 UK UniversityBloombergFinance
    297.Mentee MTop 10 UK UniversityRBSStructured Finance
    298.Mentee LTop 5 Mainland China UniversityCICCInvestment Management
    299.Mentee LTop 10 University in JapanKPMGConsulting
    300.Mentee YTop 40 US National UniversityCICCIBD
    301.Mentee ZTop 50 US National UniversityDeloitteFinancial Advisory Services
    302.Mentee CTop 10 US National UniversityHoulihan LokeyIBD
    303.Mentee JTop 10 US National UniversityEYData and Analytics
    304.Mentee CTop 5 HK UniversityKPMGAudit
    305.Mentee RTop 20 US National UniversityEC M&AIBD
    306.Mentee LTop 10 University in AsiaFidelityBusiness Associate
    307.Mentee GTop 30 US National UniversityCalypsoAssociate QA
    308.Mentee WTop 30 US National UniversityHSBCSecurities
    309.Mentee ZTop 5 Mainland China UniversityBoston Consulting GroupConsulting
    310.Mentee CTop 30 US National UniversityABInBevManagement Associate
    311.Mentee ZTop 30 US National UniversityRayliantInvestment Research
    312.Mentee ZTop 30 US National UniversityNERAEcon Consulting
    313.Mentee ZTop 10 Mainland China UniversityCiticFinance
    314.Mentee STop 40 US National UniversityOrient SecuritiesEquity Research
    315.Mentee TTop 50 US Regional UniversitySociete GeneraleSales and Trading
    316.Mentee YTop 20 US National UniversityDeloitteConsulting

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