Top 10 Related Keywords of Investment Banking Recruitment

Wall Street Tequila is a premier full-service career consulting company, focusing on helping students to fulfill various career developmental needs. Our mentors are highly experienced industry professionals from world-renowned finance and consulting firms (such as J.P. Morgan, BCG, Bain&Co.). WST has a global mentor network that covers New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Hong Kong, London and Shanghai, etc.

As one of the best Chinese career consulting companies, today Wall Street Tequila is going to share the top 10 related keywords of Investment Banking Recruitment with you. Please see the form as below:


KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)
investment banking tools7068.5748.26
investment banking valuation4079.6521.83
jp morgan investment banking88085.7820.14
investment banking prep3074.5919.12
investment banking analyst160089.3219.12
investment banking terminology2075.2813.09
how to learn investment banking2076.3212.8
investment banking tutorial2077.3312.31
interview questions for bankers4075.1511.5
methods to value a company2077.118.95


From above statistics, we can know that all the keywords of Investment Banking Recruitment are quite hard for SEO. Although most of their search volumes are not too many, just 2 of them are more than 100. However, the 2 are both exceed 800. And almost all the keywords’ Difficulty are over 70%, only one is 68.57%. As for the AD price, just one keyword below 10 USD, others are more than that.

And I think the keyword ‘interview questions for bankers’ is the best keyword among the 10 related keywords of Investment Banking Recruitment for Search Engine Optimization. For it has the fourth most search volume and relatively not high KD as well as the second cheapest expensive AD price.

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