Final Exams来了!26种抓狂模式你都经历过吗?

Grab the coffee,books,and alcohol.It’s finals week.带你回顾考前的26种抓狂模式,你都经历过吗?
1. You realize that finals are only two weeks away.
当你发现离期末考试只有两周了……0 (5)

2. And that you’ve skipped or slept through so many lectures.
想起当初翘掉太多课或者直接把教室当卧室……0 (6)

3. So you’re determined to start studying.
于是你决定,开始努力学习!为final背水一战!0 (7)

4. But when you get home you’re like:
但是回家之后,你是这样的…0 (8)

5. You let yourself watch one show on Netflix, to mentally prepare yourself.
你让自己先看一集电视剧,在精神上犒劳一下自己,毕竟未来两周很辛苦0 (9)

6. Now there’s only one week until finals.
好了,现在只剩一周了0 (29)

7. And you still don’t know anything.
你还是啥都不会…0 (11)

8. So you start considering a new career path.
重新开始思考人生…640.webp (1)

9. But then you randomly get motivated to study.
但是,即使战死也要光荣!你又有动力学习了640.webp (2)

终!于!开!始!复!习!0 (12)

11. And coffee becomes your new friend.
咖啡咖啡咖啡!重要的东西带身边0 (13)

12. Literally everything becomes more fun than studying.
除了学习,所有事情都变得有趣起来0 (30)

13. And you can’t really comprehend the material, anyway.
你对复习资料还是一无所知…0 (15)

14. So you upgrade from coffee to alcohol…and crying.
所以你把咖啡换成了酒,边喝边哭,顺便看破红尘…0 (16)

15. And you start to complain about your finals on Facebook.
在脸书上发发发,吐槽期末考试,很多小伙伴加入了吐槽大战0 (17)

16. And your zombie-self realizes:

17. And you finally get into a groove, with only one day to go.
爆发吧!小宇宙!0 (1)

18. But then you stop studying, either out of confidence or because you just don’t care anymore.
但这时你不再学习了,因为你已经放弃了,不会在意任何后果了(宝宝很坚强)0 (2)

19. You go to class, possibly accepting the fact that you’ll fail.
迈入教室之前已然接受不及格的事实0 (3)

20. Your professor gives you the test, and you go blank.
看到卷子,头脑一片空白……0 (11)

21. And you see questions that weren’t even on the study guide.
这些问题如此陌生,从没在复习提纲里见过(教授,你在逗我吗?)0 (5)

22. But after two hours, you finally turn in your test.
两个小时的挣扎,终于把卷子交了…0 (6)

23. And part of you feels like:
这时候你感觉需要安慰,但是还能挺住0 (7)

24. But the other part of you is like:
但你内心的真实想法是这样的(嗨起来!)0 (8)

25. And, ultimately, you realize that you’ve survived finals week.
最后,你意识到期末周已经结束!而且!你竟然活了下来!0 (9)

26. Until next semester…
但是,下学期呢……0 (10)

Finally, I want to say……




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