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Asset Management,一个神秘而具有巨大潜力和市场的行业,到底是如何“钱生钱”的?行业趋势怎样?如何准备AM的Recruiting?WST重磅讲座为你揭开AM的神秘面纱。

1.About Primus

Primus is an Asia-based private equity fund focused on acquiring financial services companies. Members of the Primus Group include PFH Partnership Holdings and PMN Capital.

2.Position (WST Mentors/Mentees Only)

Investor Relations Coordinator

Full-time & Summer Internship

Location: HongKong/New York

The entry-level coordinator will work with the Investor Relations division to provide financial customer service to general or limited investors, institutional clients, and our partners.

3.Job Responsibilities

Work closely with the Investor Relations team to deliver the required level of business to investment and institutional stakeholders
Manage client accounts; proactively build, develop and maintain strong direct relationships with clients
Participate in general client service activities including: answering investment inquiries; tracking and distributing informational materials; editing, reviewing and assisting in report planning
Respond to investor requests with a keen sense of prioritization
Assist with the organization of investor meetings and conference calls
Perform original market, competitive, and fund performance analysis


Undergraduate degree required for summer internships.
Master degree required, or working towards a Master/PhD degree for full-time positions
CFA and other industry licenses or designations preferred

5.Competencies and Requirements

Previous experience working in the financial services industry in a client facing marketing role preferred
Strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills to clearly articulate sophisticated concepts, ideas, and processes
Strong analytical and quantitative skills including data mining and interpretation
Full proficiency in PowerPoint and Excel
Disciplined organization and project management skills, ambitious work ethic and professional disposition

6.Contact Us

For candidates that are interested, please send your resume and your photo to

Note: For WST mentess, please specify who your mentor is in the email body. WST will put together a resume book for WST mentees/mentors to be sent to the company directly.


Mention your strength and specialty in e-mail


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