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82% of WST Long-term VIP mentees received offers

153 top-tier Finance and Consulting firms


Goldman Sachs: 23

J.P.Morgan: 14

Citi: 12

Barclays: 10

Morgan Stanley:9

WST Mentorship program

All of our 400+ mentors come from top-tier finance and consulting firms

Freshman Orientation PackageFull-time
Acceleration Program
Recruiting Mentorship
Early Bird VIP MentorshipElite VIP Program(*WST Exclusive)
Target AudienceFreshman/incoming freshman students interested in exploring various career options in Finance and ConsultingFor students in the final year of job recruitment and need highly customized and topic-based career coachingJunior students and 1st year Master students seeking summer internshipsSophomores seeking long-term career guidance, seeking 2nd and 3rd year summer internshipsFreshman students,
coached by WST Star Mentors (20 spots each year)
Mentorship duration2 months
5 sessions
3 – 6 months
10 – 15 sessions
8 – 12 months
20-30 sessions
15 – 18 months
30 sessions
36 – 48 months
Customized amount of sessions
Resume Editing  
Industry Insights 101 
Personalized Academics
& Activities Planning
WeChat & Email
Support for the mentorship duration
WST Exclusive VIP
Onboarding Kit
Technical Skills Drill  
Behavioral Skills Dril  
Mock Interviews    
WST Exclusive Networking Drill    
WST Exclusive online workshops and seminars   
WST Office Hour:
Result-orientated topic sessions coached by WST Partners
* WST项目随着申请季变化会发生些许调整,具体变动以WST咨询师的介绍为准。咨询最新项目细节请直接联系WST咨询师


  • WeChat/Facebook Messenger/Email Q&A support
  • 24-hour support from WST Team
  • More than 40 Online Speaker Series and Seminars yearly
  • Local school-specific Speaker Seminars for most top-tier US, UK, Singapore, HK, and Mainland Universities
  • WST Webiners – gain recruiting insights from various WST mentors
  • VIP Onboarding Materials: top-tier banking/consulting resume templates, technical guides, behavioral guides, networking guide, online test guides, modeling/Excel/Word prep guide,etc
  • Exclusive VIP materials: Deal Package (2016 version delivered on October 1st 2016), Market Ingishts, WST Mentors’ recruiting tips, etc.

Wall Street Tequila Elite Internships


Consulting Internships

  • 4-6周时间和顶级的金融公司进行一次难忘的实习之旅
  • 咨询师一对一指导任务,体验顶级咨询公司的工作
  • 10+顶级咨询公司可供选择,全球提供实习机会

Finance Internships

  • WST与10+家美国纽约、洛杉矶、西雅图的精品投行和金融公司独家合作,全年提供实地和远程实习机会
  • 实习涵盖全部金融主流领域:

    – Investment Banking

    – Sales & Trading

    – Asset Management

    – Private Wealth Management

    – Hedge Fund advisory

    – Equity Research

    – Private Equity

  • 部分实习公司支持全职H1B工作签证申请

Important Things to Ensure before Engage in the Investment Banking Interview

Many business students desire and dream to engage in the investment banking platform, but they hesitate because of the interview questions asked technical questions. The interview is almost difficult to attend without prepare, so you need to take a look at the essential questions asked by the interviewer. Now, you don’t worry about attending the banking interview because of our experts make the investment banking interview easier with the best assistance. Our experts are well-trained and they know what the basic questions are asked in the interview and how to answer for the questions without trouble. The investment banking shows specific duties deliver the competitive edge as well beginner level position includes creating the powerpoint presentation, pitch books and compiling the comp tables. In addition to, the analysis of financial statement and financial modelling are the right one for the profession of investment banking.

You need to focus on the financial statements and understanding of general concepts how cash flow statement, income statement and balance sheet interrelated. You can familiarize yourself for how changes were made into the section and change the figures into various sections. It is essential to realize and don’t try to memorize and link the statements. The corporate valuation regarding questions plays vital role in the interview process and task for the source of banker’s regular basis activities and three techniques applicable to Value Company. The techniques are multiples approach, comparable transactions and discounted cash flows. The investment banking includes assisting the companies issue debt and equity as well familiar with the important concepts. The increase of debt level in the firm capital structure shows several benefits. Bear in mind, you need to learn the financial modelling and focus on the financial markets and economy for the excellent banking interview preparation.

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